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Hi there people!

It's been years since I last made an animated movie.
Me and a friend from school decided to make an animated music video for our school project.
We knew that we wanted a 8-bit feel to the music with lazer synths and heavy drums and i think we
succeded. We had no idea what that movie should be about but we decided to build the movie around two
characters Oskar came up with when he was kid, Pelvishelmet and Lettucehat.

Anyways enough bla blaing.

I would love some comments on the movie to show at school tomorrow during our presentation, so heres your
chance to say hi to a bunch of morons in sweden.

Thanks, and i hope you guys like the movie :)!

New Movie! "Pelvishelmet & Lettucehat"

Happy birthday to me! ;D

2010-08-15 17:05:31 by EsMatiCSounDs

It's my birthday :D wiiiiiiee! 21 wonderful years. To celebrate i will draw a new selfprt. and drink lots and lots of beer :D yay!

Happy birthday to me! ;D

Hey Dudes!

Me and the crew is working on a flash movie with meny short clips in it, I think its gonna be awesome, and i think we will make atleast one hey dude clip and put in there. So far i have made one clip which is about 10sec long and lay is working on a clip that will prob. be about 15sec long. We are gonna try and make it atleast 1min long.

if you have any ideas for short movies then gieff and we will try and make it, if it aint to much hard work to make it (i'm pretty lazy).

Heres a pic from my first clip that i made today. (i made blackboxes over some shit that might spoil the jokes)

(We are putting "Hey Dude 3!" on hold for a whiled)

Short shorts, and old clips